One cold January morning, my soon-to-be-born daughter decided she was ready to join us on the outside. My labor progressed so quickly she was born on the front seat of my Subaru on Highway 49 in Northern California. We call her Red. Ever since then, life has been go, go, go! I created Red Said Go to bring to the world products that allow us to be in the moment, unencumbered by STUFF, but looking good, all the while. So you can be fashionably prepared for whatever life throws at you. My pocket belts are just the beginning. Watch out, world!


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Self love

Whip it out

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In the moment


I use this as my everyday purse because I like to be able to move around without a clunky purse in my way. I have a kid and like to see live music a lot, so it just makes sense for my lifestyle.

Corrie Agnew

Love my new hiking pack. I have tried every type of pack for short day hikes with my furry kid. I felt like Goldilocks, too big, to small, nothing fit quite right until now. There are pockets for everything. My car keys, gloves, sunglasses, iPhone and the 🐕💩 bags. I am also able to attach a carabiner to attach my puppy's leash. Up next, I’ll be ordering a second for going out on the town.

Diane Wattles Goldstein

Amazing belts! Really convenient, cute and lots of pockets! :) highly recommend

Oksana K.