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The US general election is just 66 days away. I know most of us can't wait for that moment to arrive. Partly because we want to exercise our right to influence our nation's direction by casting our vote. And partly because we can't wait to have all the ugliness, hyperbole, and social engineering associated with the election behind us. 

I'm not sure how much block walking (if any?) will take place this year, due to COVID concerns, but If you plan to do any of it, or any sign waving, remember to first snap on your pocket belt so you can bring along your essentials but keep your hands free. And, of course, remember your face mask. Even if you're confident about your own immune system, you might interact with more vulnerable populations you wouldn't want to put in harm's way.

With 66 days remaining until the election, now is also the time to kick get-out-the-vote activities in to high gear. Phone and text banking is an easy way you could help out. Go to Demand The Vote's site for more information. Also, heads up -- the NAACP needs more volunteers to help mobilize Black voters. See the Engage page on their site.

And finally, our exciting announcement: In just a few days, we'll be offering a free "VOTE" pin with every pocket belt purchased between now and the election. Watch the interwebs for that announcement. 

Be well, Friends.

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